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Are YOUR Emails from our Easy Quote System being blocked in error?

It seems that the difficulties with e-mails being treated by some ISPs as being spam & filtered out before you receive them is not going away. If anything it is increasing, sbcglobal joins Hotmail & Comcast in currently having particularly aggressive spam filters which can also deny legitimate non-spam e-mails. AlfaStop does not seem to be alone, see: click here..

You may want to consider giving an alternative e-mail address when contacting AlfaStop if you use one of these ISPs.

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March 2022: The AlfaStop Easy Quote system

Work is being undertaken to refresh the Easy Quote system. Various visual changes should result in it being easier to navigate and it is also intended to review the F.A.Q. section.

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February 2022: BREXIT and Coronavirus COVID19 update

The reduction by the E.U. of the tax-free threshold on imports into the E.U. to zero in July 2021 did not exactly help the customs authorites across the E.U who were already overloaded with the additional tasks as a result of Brexit. Every import into the E.U. by any means, post, parcel or courier, now has to undergo a full customs clearance process, and delay.

That said, most postal exports to E.U. customers are now being delivered within a reasonable timescale. Orders sent by couriers such as DHL have a better tracking system and AlfaStop is able to intervene to a certain extent when there appears to be any excessive delay.

Disruptions in the supply chain caused by the Coronovirus COVID-19 appear to be finally over. The shortage of some materials or components now seem to be the only issues which are delaying the replenishment of stock.

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January 2022: Mail orders to the U.S.A.

U.S.P.S have regularly been complained about by our U.S. based customers. To our great surprise, the U.S.P.S. mail tracking system has been transformed as regards the accessibility and available information, such that it is now one of the best offered by any national mail system anywhere. AlfaStop is now able to set up the e-mailing of U.S.P.S. updates to customers at key stages in the delivery process soon after the order has been sent. As if that was not enough, despite COVID-19 and bad weather which now seems to be so common, the speed of mail delivery to the U.S.A. has also been improved. Orders posted to some CA addresses on a Monday are regularly being delivered on the Friday or the following Monday.

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April 1st 2020: Coronavirus COVID19 update

AlfaStop is continuing to operate largely as normal while health & government regulations allow.

Orders are still being sent out regularly by UPS, DPD & DHL. Many deliveries appear to be to schedule, 2 days to many parts of the USA & 2 days to most of Europe.

Orders sent by post are now being sent out on a weekly basis, according to the local Post Offices being open. Delivery times are likely to be extended.

Easy Quotes have backed up a bit recently but will be replied to in due course.

A small number of AlfaStop's suppliers have had to close until the end of the current situation. New sources are being sought out whenever possible.

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March 2020: Coronavirus

You are no doubt aware of the current situation in the world about the Coronavirus or CORVID-19.

AlfaStop remains open and will continue to process your orders placed over the phone, by email and online through the AlfaStop website.

Using the AlfaStop website Easy Quote system is the easiest way to start an order. The entire AlfaStop range of parts is clearly listed.

Although some countries are closing their borders to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, postal authorities & courier companies continue to operate within impacted areas as much as local conditions allow them to. The current situation in a country is checked before a consignment is booked with AlfaStop's main couriers, UPS, DPD & DHL.

AlfaStop cannot currently guarantee any delivery dates, so your order may take longer to deliver than usual due to potential delays caused by restrictions imposed by governments around the world. That said, UPS, DPD & DHL do still appear to be keeping to their schedules (20 March).

In line with current UK government instructions, face to face contact is being avoided whenever possible. So the sending of orders by post will not be as regular as usual, possibly only once or twice a week. You may prefer that your order is sent by courier rather than by post.

Please keep this in mind when you place your order with AlfaStop, especially if you need an express delivery.

Many of AlfaStop's main suppliers are continuing to meet orders placed on them and to deliver in a timely manner.

AlfaStop would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging and rapidly changing time.

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December 2019: Problems with Easy Quote Emails

We have been working hard to try and resolve the problems that some customers have experienced receiving emails from our Easy Quote system. These were the result of some email providers identifying Easy Quotes as spam. Hopefully most if not all of these issues have now been resolved but do please contact us if you have not received your quote within 2 weeks.

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November 2019: Google Translate now Available at Alfastop

We have now added the Google Translate function to our site to help our many overseas customers.

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November 2019: Brexit...

With the continuing uncertainty about Brexit, AlfaStop contunues to keep in touch with our main shippers so as to be aware of the likely affects to AlfaStop shipments.

To put it simply, after Brexit has taken place, the current shipping requirement for E.U. destinations will change to the requirements already in place for shipping to outside of the E.U. This will mainly entail minor changes to the text on AlfaStop invoices as well as pricing without GB VAT (sales tax), together with a customs declaration. EU customers may have to pay their local equivalent of VAT before or after delivery, as happens with ordaers to, say, the USA

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October 2018: Updates to the Alfastop website

As part of the ongoing development of the website, there was a period last week during which Easyquotes were not so easy! We apologise for any inconvenience and we don't anticipate any further problems. Thanks to all our customers who pointed out the error.

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June 2016: Effects of U.K. BREXIT vote

Following the U.K. referendum, the U.K. will not be formally leaving the E.U. for at least 2 years, the exact date is not expected to be known for some time.

Until then, it will be business is as usual. Retail sales to E.U. countries will still be subject to the U.K. VAT rate of 20% - significantly less than in several countries, slightly less than in many other countries. Sales to countries outside of the E.U. will continue to be exempt from VAT.

If, as is expected, the GB£ sterling exchange rate weakens against the Euro and the US$ over the next few months, then AlfaStop prices will effectively be reduced against these currencies.

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February 2016: Lower export shipping costs

AlfaStop has recently obtained some lower shipping costs in conjunction with our shipping agents, with no detriment to the service. Courier services frequently deliver to the US East Coast in one or two days, often to the West Coast in three days. Recent deliveries to France have been Next Day at the same cost as the normal 10 to 14 day post service. Note however that export shipping costs may be dependant on the weight and volume of the consignment.

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January 2016: "Giuliettaletta" article is well received

AlfaStop has an occasional "News From AlfaStop" article in the Giuliettaletta, the quarterly magazine of the Giulietta Register. The latest such article in the December 2015 issue has resulted in enquiries and orders from Europe and North America.

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November 2015: New Veloce parts

AlfaStop has been closely involved with the re-commissioning of a very original 1959 ex-US Sprint Veloce. To date, some 10 new AlfaStop products have been developed and these are being added to the website as they become available. More are expected to be developed during the coming months. You can see all the recent new AlfaStop products here

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October 2015: Padova Auto e Moto D'Epoca

Just returned from the show at Padova (Italy) after an absence of some years. Despite being greeted by some exhibitors with "I thought that you were dead!", many contacts were renewed and some new contacts made with both exhibitors and visitors.

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September 2015: First year in new premises

It hardly seems a year since the move into new premises was completed. The move has proven to be well worthwhile, so much so that it is hoped to expand into the vacant premises next door!

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August 2015: AlfaStop has a North America contact phone number

US and Canadian Customers can now call through to AlfaStop in England on 747- 201 2617 for the cost of a national long distance call. Note that there are time differences, for the current time at AlfaStop, see

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May 2015: "Car S.O.S." features AlfaStop

AlfaStop has recently assisted the Car S.O.S. car restoration program with the supply of parts and knowledge to assist them with the restoration of a 1964 Giulia 101 series Spider. The programmes are produced by Renegade Pictures here in the U.K. for the National Geographic channel. "Alfa Romeo Renaissance" is episode 8 of season 3 and is due to be shown in a number of countries world-wide over the coming months.

The filming will be described in a forthcoming article in the Giuliettaletta (the quarterly magazine of the Giulietta Register).

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February 2015: New Easy Quote delivery system

Easy Quotes are now being sent to Customers as an e-mail with a link to retrieve the EQ from the AlfaStop website server.

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Jan 2015: New fax service

Faxes to AlfaStop (0044 177 382 1900) are now handled by a Secure Fax Server service, which is also used by several major drug companies and law firms. Faxes are encrypted and are PCI secure. The service is now INCOMING ONLY. Replies will be sent by e-mail, phone or mail.

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